The Dodge Ram 1500 is available in a variety of configurations including Regular, Quad and Crew cab with a variety of ute bed lengths to suit most applications.

2WD and 4WD variants are available with either the 5.7ltr Hemi V8 petrol or the 3.0ltr V6 Ecodiesel. This Industry exclusive V6 diesel is the only diesel engine offered in any 1500 size pick up, neither Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra or Ford F150 offer a diesel engine in their light duty range.

Both of these engines will provide up to a  4,100kg tow rating all while delivering a smooth, comfortable and confident ride.



This is where Heavy Duty begins. The 2500 Series Ram trucks are the basis of a purpose designed heavy duty solution, built tough.

The Ram 2500 trucks come fitted with  your choice of a 5.7ltr Hemi V8, 6.4ltr Hemi V8 or the ever popular 6.7ltr I6 Cummins Diesel. The Cummins produces 276Kw/370hp and 1,084Nm/800lb-ft of torque, fitted factory standard with the Cummins Smart Diesel Exhaust Brake system, this engine is built for hauling. A choice of either the 68RFE 6 speed automatic transmission or the G56 6 speed manual transmission is also available on most models.

The 2500 series is available in Regular cab with an 8’/2.4m bed, Crew cab with either 6’4”/1.93m or 8’/2.4m bed and the Mega cab with the 6’4”/1.93m bed.
Most 2500 trucks will provide a payload of up to 1,300kg, a 4,500kg tow bar rating and a 5th wheel rating of up to 7,500kg.




Carrying on from the 2500 series is the 3500 Ram, available with the same series of engines with heavier duty suspension offering greater payloads and tow ratings.

Available in the 3500 series is the Aisin AS66RC 6 speed automatic transmission upgrade, this heavier duty transmission allows for a higher torque rating out of the Cummins, bumping torque up to a massive 850ft-lb/1,152Nm. When equipped with the Aisin transmission, high output Cummins and Dual Rear Wheels the factory tow rating is pushed to a massive 13,800kg.

The 3500 series is available in Regular cab Long bed, Crew Cab Short or Long bed and Mega Cab Short or Long bed. All with the exception for Crew Cab short bed are available with the Dual Rear Wheel option.



4500 / 5500

A heavy duty application needs a heavy duty truck.

The Ram 4500 and 5500 series are available in a wide variety of cabin types, chassis lengths and have a number of driveline combinations available. This truck is built for work, with a flat rear chassis section to aid in the construction of flat tray’s, tipping bodies or cargo bodies. Factory options include a 280ltr fuel tank, dual 440A alternators, a left or right side PTO access, petrol or diesel, 2WD or 4WD, Single or Crew cab and the option for tray lengths of up to 14’/4.2m, as an example a 5500 4×4 with the 5.1m wheelbase fitted with the Cummins diesel and a flat steel tray will provide a payload of around 4,200kg on the tray.